Renewable Energy and Resource Transition

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 Industries must lead in innovation, understand the impact of the energy on the environment, and master the potency and effectiveness of the energy and resource transitions.

The renewable energy transition is the ongoing energy transition that is replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy. This transition can impact many aspects of life including the environment, society, the economy, governance, and lifestyle of a living creature.

 The motivation of change of energy production from old to new renewable source to reduce the uncertainty climate change, pollution, and the greenhouse effect.

Now, this is the time we can't ignore the change because it hampers the living life systems and affects the environment. This change we could have come up with a few years back, however, we know, what will happen in the future and how to go forward for one of the most required entities in the living a world that is energy transition.

We called, Natural to Renewable energy transition.

The transition depends upon alternatives to fossil fuel and natural gas. Some companies are driving this shift and plan to replace coal, nuclear gas, natural gas (the limited source) with 90% to renewable sources that is solar energy, wind energy, bioenergy by 2025.

For this transition, Many consulting platforms raise their hands and support through their renewable energy consultants and experts to uncountable companies on a worldwide basis to minimize the dependency of Fossils, coal and other sources which is limited.

In India SolutionBuggy, one of the largest consulting platform in the manufacturing sector on the race to help Indian Industries, especially MSMEs to transfer them to renewable sources.

We have 600+ different types of energy consultants like solar energy consultants, wind energy consultants, biomass, and other consultants. Their expertise and years of experience in the practice field can help you to drive your procurement of energy source transformation or new plant setup.

Many intents are driving the rigorous increasing need for energy transformation because energy is the fuel (main entity) to start the process of the industry.

This threatened and dangerous energy security provoke us to go for renewable sources.

Renewable energy transition

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Here are Some unavoidable dangerous points which need to replace.

  • ·       Land degradation
  • ·       Water pollution
  • ·       Gas Emissions
  • ·       Global warming pollution
  • ·       Natural Air Pollution
  • ·       Ocean acidification
  • ·       Soil pollution
  • ·       Environment pollution

 These all above points are very much essential for we living human-beings and we can't this to replace climate and life adoptability source.

The renewable energy limit expanded by 261 GW (+10.3%) in 2020. Solar energy-oriented kept increasing on driving the limit development, with an expansion of 127 GW (+22%), followed intently by wind energy with 111 GW (+18%). Hydropower limit expanded by 20 GW (+2%) and bioenergy by 2 GW (+2%). Geothermal energy expanded by 164 MW.

Sun-powered energy (solar energy) and wind energy kept on ruling inexhaustible limit extension, mutually representing 91% of all net sustainable augmentations in 2020. Alongside the reestablished development of hydropower, this uncommon development in wind and solar energy prompted the most elevated yearly expansion in sustainable creating limit at any point seen

Now It’s our responsibility to change this. How Industries can do that? There are solutions and ways to go forward to craft innovative ways to make renewable energy.

In addition, you will want to consider the level of collaboration and engagement that the Renewable Energy and Resource Transition Consultants are engaging with have with industry players. Is the company prepared to work closely with your stakeholders? What are their plans for the future and are they developing those same plans? Are the Renewable EnergyConsultants well informed about the major players in the renewable energy sector and what their views are on the best path forward? As a business owner, these are all important questions to ask when evaluating the Renewable Energy and Resource Transition consultants that you are engaging with.

So, we at solutionBuggy assure you to help and develop a projective strategy to drive the energy intensity fully respective to your firm. if you want to start a new plant at then also fully end to end encrypted solutions, we will provide you and handhold you for higher growth.